Illangelo VST Preset Bank
Saturday, December 31, 2016

Since you’re reading this, chances are very high that, you too, have been listening to a beat or a song (possibly by a small artist named The Weekend?) that involves the producer Illangelo, and went searching for an Illangelo VST Preset Bank.

You were likely also quickly disappointed after finding that none of your vsts/hardware seem to be able to come even close to those hypnotizing pads, super rich leads, or the melodic basslines that you heard in Illangelo’s beats.

Pair that with silky smooth vocals and and a beautifully arranged melody, what’s not to love?

Well, it’s safe to say one thing, after testing tons of banks, vsts and hardware, we realized that the task was much bigger than finding a certain “vst” or “preset bank” that he was using to try to duplicate that sound.

Illangelo seems to use a vst stock preset here and there, but what we realized is that this guy understands sound design. He was not only making the beats, he was also actually creating a ton of new sounds from scratch.

The preset banks that were already out there that tried to capture the Weeknd/Illangelo theme… didn’t really even come close to the complexity/depth we were hearing in his music, so we were basically back where we started. Tons of questions, little to no answers.

This is usually where most people’s searches would end, but for some reason, it made us want access to those sounds even more. They seemed increasingly exclusive and we wanted them – the hunt for sound designers was on!

After auditioning and trying to work with many different sound designers, we finally were able to assemble the team that had the expertise to solve our problems.

We created XO:The Overdose Vol. 1 for Kontakt, which is a product that is unmatched in authenticity and quality for this sound we’ve all been searching for.

The uniqueness of the sounds and the ambient approach it forces you to take with your music was a huge hit with our customers, and us as well. It quickly became a go-to bank in our own sound arsenal.

Not long after that, we set out to create another bank that was more modern and more synth based – XO: The Madness for Massive.

While “XO: The Overdose Vol. 1” was based on The Weeknd’s Trilogy series, “XO: The Madness” was focused on The Weeknd’s more recent work from the albums Beauty Behind The Madness, Kissland and Starboy.

Just like before, we worked with our sound designers to create many beta banks and updates until we got it just right. What we ended up with was one of our best products to date.

There is no way that, as a producer, you can scroll through the sounds in “XO: The Madness” and not be amazed at the complexity you get from the patches in this bank.

The way the pads move and morph into fluid, melodic backdrops is worth the investment alone. Trust us on this!

We can’t tell you how many times we sat around and made beats with both of these banks while we were supposed to be testing them, simply because the sounds are so inspiring that we would have trouble going through the sounds without getting ideas for beats.

Definitely not the worst problem to have, right?

If you are looking for quick and easy access to sounds like Illangelo uses, this bank is the best investment you can make. No doubt about it.

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