Top Shelf – Kush & OJ Massive Preset Bank

Top Shelf Volume 1     Kush & Orange Juice was the album that not only propelled Wiz Khalifa to superstar status, it also gave some of today’s industry producers their break (Cardo Got Wings & Sledgren). Even though Kush & OJ dropped in 2010, the hypnotizing sound of the production on that album is still being flipped

Illangelo VST Preset Bank

Since you’re reading this, chances are very high that, you too, have been listening to a beat or a song (possibly by a small artist named The Weekend?) that involves the producer Illangelo, and went searching for an Illangelo VST Preset Bank. You were likely also quickly disappointed after finding that none of your vsts/hardware

The Weeknd VST & Drum Kit

Whether you’re searching The Weeknd VST, The Weeknd Drum Kits, or The Weeknd Preset Banks, you’re probably pretty frustrated with the lack of quality out there. We know how you feel because that’s exactly how we felt! Everything felt like a cheap imitation and nothing was really up to par with what we wanted, or