The Weeknd VST & Drum Kit
Saturday, December 31, 2016

Whether you’re searching The Weeknd VST, The Weeknd Drum Kits, or The Weeknd Preset Banks, you’re probably pretty frustrated with the lack of quality out there.

We know how you feel because that’s exactly how we felt! Everything felt like a cheap imitation and nothing was really up to par with what we wanted, or expected from a Weeknd VST or Preset Bank.

So we made our own… from scratch! Check it out here:
XO: The Overdose: Vol. 1 – Kontakt Preset Bank

We teamed up with some of the best sound designers we knew to create a bank that will give you all of The Weeknd style pads, percs, pianos, and basses you could possibly want! It also features plucks, atmospheric pads, 808s and more.

In total, it stacks up to 158 custom patches for you to use right now!

The sounds are guaranteed to inspire creativity, but so will the visuals of this Kontakt Preset Bank. We worked with some talented designers to make an amazing skin that will really inspire you and put you in that zone you’re looking for with a Weeknd inspired sound kit.

To really drive this bank through the roof, we’ve also added a Weeknd Drum Kit we’re calling “The Perfect Weeknd”, which features all of those hard-to-find sounds The Weeknd is known for!

You can check that out here:
The Perfect Weeknd – Drum Kit


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