Glass House – Custom 6lack Inspired Serum Bank – Available 02.10.2018
Thursday, February 8, 2018

Glass House” is our first project for Serum and is based on the sound of 6lack’s debut album called “Free 6lack”.

That album explores a lot of experimental atmospheric sound design and blends it with modern R&B and Hip-Hop cadences to create something truly unique and fun to listen to.

We picked Serum for this project to accurately capture the feel of the album and deliver on a complex and unique sound set that took a ton of work to perfect. The full bank features over 160 custom presets that are all organized by sound type to make finding what you’re looking for as easy as possible.We also fully built our own custom Noise and Wavetables for this bank so it will be 100% unique compared to other products in the market.

This release will also feature a couple of tutorials in the style of 6lack, so please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube if you are interested in those.

Release Date: 02-10-2018

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