New VIP Options?
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Just wanted to reach out quickly and update you guys on some changes to the site! Many of you noticed while logging into your accounts over the last few days that there are some new options on the site, as well as “VIP Point” exchange options on the site on nearly all of our products. We wanted to quickly answer the most frequent questions we received about this.

What Is StudioVIP? 

Since we started Studio Sounds many of you have been asking for a service that will allow you to save money while also giving you access to the quality presets you love. StudioVIP is a subscription service that will automatically give you download credits that can be exchanged for products of your choice + an automatic discount on all other products at one much lower monthly priceStudioVIP will also periodically provide members with exclusive products and collabs, member only giveaways/kits and much more as we expand the service over the next year!

What Will This Cost?  

We will announce final pricing over the next few days but as of right now StudioVIP will cost about half of what one single product would cost you currently.

Will This Be The Only Way To Buy Studio Sounds Products?

No, traditional full price products will still be available for purchase. There are many customers all over the globe who currently buy all of our products individually and StudioVIP will be a chance for them to save money every month, while also letting us cater to their sound needs better.

Will StudioVIP Payments Be Automatic?

Customers will have the option to choose between automatic recurring payments or to have an invoice sent each month via PayPal. Subscriptions can be cancelled by the customer at any time via their own customer portal.

Will VIP Points Expire?

Currently points will not expire, allowing you the freedom to choose the products you want and putting no pressure on you to redeem by a certain time or miss out on your investment.

When Will StudioVIP Be Available?

Within the next week! We are in the final stages of testing and will update you guys on the launch date.

Thank you all for being part of the Studio Sounds family, feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions!

Until next time.
Studio Sounds Team

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